Sunbutter is the Solution!

  A blog post by our health coach, Beth Waisburd. At Smart Lunches we strive to create diverse, healthy menus that appeal to even the pickiest palate. We know that every luncher has different tastes but we also know that many have serious food allergies that may limit what they can eat. Rest assured, our…… Continue reading Sunbutter is the Solution!

Have You Tried Sunbutter?

Due to the recent rise in peanut allergies, many schools have become nut-free zones. Smart Lunches wants to ensure that the children who attend these schools, along with children with peanut allergies, can enjoy our meals. That is why Smart Lunches has an entirely peanut-free and tree nut-free menu! What about PB+J you say, have…… Continue reading Have You Tried Sunbutter?