Spring Gardening

Spring is finally here. Though the weather is still a bit unsure of itself, it’s unquestionably the right time to start your garden. Don’t be intimidated by a lack of space, us city dwellers just need to be a bit more creative! Three years ago, I transformed four small planters on my roof deck into…… Continue reading Spring Gardening

Smart Lunches is Making a Few Menu Changes

You might have already noticed, but we’ve made a few changes to our winter menu. We work hard on revising our menu, so that you can always choose a meal that your child will love. And good news! Our new winter menu is 100% based on feedback from you and your lunchers. A More Kid-Friendly…… Continue reading Smart Lunches is Making a Few Menu Changes

New Portion Sizes for November

You’ve spoken up and we have listened! Here at Smart Lunches, we take your ideas seriously and are always looking for ways to incorporate feedback to give all of our lunchers the greatest value. Since the beginning of September, many of you have voiced concerns about the portion size of some of our menu items. We tackled these concerns head…… Continue reading New Portion Sizes for November

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Blog post by Beth Waisburd, our health coach. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! We’re all seeing green and hoping for the luck of the Irish. While you don’t need luck to achieve a healthy lifestyle, you do need to eat your greens! From kale to kiwi, avocados to arugula – the benefits of green foods are…… Continue reading Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Award Season

Blog post by Beth Waisburd, our health coach. It’s awards season! As we watch the stars earn accolades for their work on the big screen, we should also think about this year in food. And the winners are: Best Supporting Spice: Tumeric This bold spice has been used in holistic medicine for ages. It contains…… Continue reading Award Season

Crock-Pot Cooking

Blog post by Beth Waisburd, our health coach. The groundhog saw his shadow – we all know what that means. As the season drags on, it’s challenging to maintain the healthful intentions we set in January. Though we know home cooking is healthier than eating out, it’s often overwhelming in the context of a busy…… Continue reading Crock-Pot Cooking


Blog post by Beth Waisburd, our health coach. It’s winter. And while we’re excited to be seeing white outside, many white foods are not good for our insides. Whether it’s white flour, white bread or white sugar – we know to say “no.”  But all white foods are not created equal and some can even…… Continue reading WINTER WHITES