Quick and Easy Kid-Friendly Treats

This post comes to us from a Smart Lunches family! Erica D. from Pennsylvania sent us some recipes for cute, quick and easy kid-friendly treats. These impressive and delectable desserts are super-simple to make. *A quick safety note for those with young kids: Some of these recipes involve lollipop sticks, which can be a choking…… Continue reading Quick and Easy Kid-Friendly Treats

Kid-Friendly Recipe: Potato Gnocchi

Few dishes are as comforting, or as simple, as potato gnocchi. In Italian, it’s pronounced nyawk-kee (think Yawkey with an ‘N’ in front) and it’s derived from the Italian word for knuckle. Pillowy soft potato gnocchi is an easy way to get your kids involved in creating a handcrafted, delicious dish. Most of the steps…… Continue reading Kid-Friendly Recipe: Potato Gnocchi

Kids In The Kitchen!

Can your kid cook? What’s their signature dish? Beef wellington? Chicken liver pate? Chocolate molten cake with homemade ice cream? Probably not, but the kids on Fox Channels “MasterChef Junior” dominated making these dishes! If you haven’t heard of this fall hit tv show, do yourself a favor and check it out. The hour long…… Continue reading Kids In The Kitchen!