Pink Chicken – Is It Always Undercooked?

At Smart Lunches, we occasionally get feedback about pinkish-tinged chicken. While we never want our lunches to be unappealing, parents can rest assured that our hot lunches are always fully cooked. Every Smart Lunch is temped with an instant read thermometer at 165 degrees or higher before it’s packed for delivery, and then again when…… Continue reading Pink Chicken – Is It Always Undercooked?

Top 10 Winter Lunch Ideas

When the snow is keeping you inside, sometimes it ‘s nice to whip up a delicious mid-day meal. After coming in from a morning of shoveling snow, a tasty warm meal may be all you need to regain your energy! Sometimes thinking of the perfect meal is the tough part. Not to worry, I’ve put…… Continue reading Top 10 Winter Lunch Ideas