Pink Chicken – Is It Always Undercooked?

At Smart Lunches, we occasionally get feedback about pinkish-tinged chicken. While we never want our lunches to be unappealing, parents can rest assured that our hot lunches are always fully cooked. Every Smart Lunch is temped with an instant read thermometer at 165 degrees or higher before it’s packed for delivery, and then again when…… Continue reading Pink Chicken – Is It Always Undercooked?

Kids In The Kitchen!

Can your kid cook? What’s their signature dish? Beef wellington? Chicken liver pate? Chocolate molten cake with homemade ice cream? Probably not, but the kids on Fox Channels “MasterChef Junior” dominated making these dishes! If you haven’t heard of this fall hit tv show, do yourself a favor and check it out. The hour long…… Continue reading Kids In The Kitchen!

The Smart Lunches Spin on Thanksgiving Classics!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, most of us are scrambling to put together a feast for all to enjoy. While seemingly easily, sometimes creating a menu for a variety of mouths can be more difficult than the cooking itself. Some of us have food allergies, some are vegetarians, while some of us are just…… Continue reading The Smart Lunches Spin on Thanksgiving Classics!