7 Sandwiches to Order on National Sandwich Day

This Thursday, November 3rd, celebrates one of America’s favorite lunch foods: the sandwich! Story has it that the first sandwich was invented by a man named John Montagu, in 1762, when he asked his cook to prepare him a food that wouldn’t interfere with the game he was playing. The cook brought him sliced meat in between to…… Continue reading 7 Sandwiches to Order on National Sandwich Day

21 DIY Last-Minute Costumes

October 31st is an exciting time for kids. They can dress up as whatever they like. They get free candy. What’s better than that? And Halloween is great, except for the fact that parents have been running around, driving kids to school and sports practices, doing chores, cooking dinner, cleaning up after their messes… shall I continue?…… Continue reading 21 DIY Last-Minute Costumes

Menu Week 101

We’re excited to announce that Menu Week is back! Every day next week, starting Monday, October 24th through Friday October 28th Smart Lunches is providing your kids with the opportunity to help us choose new menu items. Each day we will provide one or two new options on our menu. Then, on the day your meal is delivered, we’ll ask you to…… Continue reading Menu Week 101

How to Educate Your Kids While Grocery Shopping

  We know what it’s like… grocery shopping. It can be hectic and arduous at times, especially when you bring the kids along. However, grocery shopping can actually be fun when you consider it a valuable opportunity to teach your kids about food and nutrition. By completing your chores and educating your children about food you’re killing two birds…… Continue reading How to Educate Your Kids While Grocery Shopping

The Perfect Post-Apple Picking Apple Crisp

One of the most wonderful activities that fall offers is apple picking! Whether you’re young or old, have toddlers or teens, apple picking is something that is fun for the whole family!  (And not to mention, the apples are delicious.) This past weekend my friends and I decided to take in the crisp fall air and go apple picking…… Continue reading The Perfect Post-Apple Picking Apple Crisp

7 Seasonal Foods to Boost Your Health This Fall

With the leaves starting to change and days getting shorter, it seems fall is officially upon us. For most, a change of seasons is exciting. It’s a chance to reset and get back into the swing of things. It’s a time to switch out your wardrobe for cozy sweaters and sip on hot apple cider. And the holidays are…… Continue reading 7 Seasonal Foods to Boost Your Health This Fall

5 Games to Add to Family Game Night

During the school year, it seems like everybody is on a tighter schedule. Between school, sports practices, and work it can be difficult to get the whole family together for some quality time. That’s why game nights are great. They provide a family with the chance to get together, laugh, bond, and be engaged in something that stretches…… Continue reading 5 Games to Add to Family Game Night