How to Educate Your Kids While Grocery Shopping

  We know what it’s like… grocery shopping. It can be hectic and arduous at times, especially when you bring the kids along. However, grocery shopping can actually be fun when you consider it a valuable opportunity to teach your kids about food and nutrition. By completing your chores and educating your children about food you’re killing two birds… Continue reading How to Educate Your Kids While Grocery Shopping

Our FAQs: Answered

Here at Smart Lunches, we pride ourselves in quality customer service. Our team responds quickly and efficiently to answer any question or concern you may have in regards to our service. We aim to provide consistent, quick, and satisfying solutions. In our experience with speaking to new customers, we understand that everybody has questions. Because of this, we decided to post our most… Continue reading Our FAQs: Answered

5 Healthy and Easy New Year’s Resolutions

2015 is the year! You know, the year you’re going to finally stop making excuses and get fit by exercising, eating right, and never sitting on the couch once the whole year! But then reality sets in. After an initial flurry of fitness in January, you lose steam on sticking to your resolution. It’s ok,… Continue reading 5 Healthy and Easy New Year’s Resolutions