Introducing: New Winter Menu Items!

It’s that time of year again! Our chefs have been working hard to come up with even more delicious recipes for your kids. This winter, Smart Lunches’ menu features 9 new menu options! Plus, we’ve spiced up our mix to include even more everyday variety. We continue to offer 5-7 hot & cold options each day and…… Continue reading Introducing: New Winter Menu Items!

7 Sandwiches to Order on National Sandwich Day

This Thursday, November 3rd, celebrates one of America’s favorite lunch foods: the sandwich! Story has it that the first sandwich was invented by a man named John Montagu, in 1762, when he asked his cook to prepare him a food that wouldn’t interfere with the game he was playing. The cook brought him sliced meat in between to…… Continue reading 7 Sandwiches to Order on National Sandwich Day

Menu Week 101

We’re excited to announce that Menu Week is back! Every day next week, starting Monday, October 24th through Friday October 28th Smart Lunches is providing your kids with the opportunity to help us choose new menu items. Each day we will provide one or two new options on our menu. Then, on the day your meal is delivered, we’ll ask you to…… Continue reading Menu Week 101

Need a Lunch Delivered this Year? Smart Lunches Can Help!

If your school has partnered with Smart Lunches this year, then you’re in luck! Smart Lunches brings fresh, healthy lunches directly to students right before lunch time. Our convenient lunch service makes it easy for parents to save time and feed their kids delicious, nourishing school lunches. Orders must be placed sat least two business…… Continue reading Need a Lunch Delivered this Year? Smart Lunches Can Help!

What is Menu Week, Anyway?

We’re excited to announce that our first-ever Menu Week is coming May 18-22! It’s a great chance for you and your luncher to have a say in the Smart Lunches’ menu development process. We’ve added 7 new lunches to sample for one week only! If your luncher tries a new lunch and you let us know how it went…… Continue reading What is Menu Week, Anyway?

Smart Lunches on Organic and GMO-labeled Food

It seems not a day goes by when someone offers their opinion on what your family eats–what you should and shouldn’t avoid, what’s good for you and what’s not. It can get overwhelming. At Smart Lunches, we believe that every family should be empowered to make their own decisions about the types of food they…… Continue reading Smart Lunches on Organic and GMO-labeled Food