“Dude, where’s my meat?”

Hello everyone.  My name is Katie.  I work at Smart Lunches and I am here to talk about vegetarianism. Disclaimer When I was first asked to write about this topic, I was a bit hesitant to share my personal beliefs in such an open forum.  I was concerned about displeasing our Smart Lunches audience, or even…… Continue reading “Dude, where’s my meat?”

Sturgis Charter Public School Ranked #1 High School in MA

We are partnered with some amazing schools. We know these schools are SMART because they use Smart Lunches, but did you know that Sturgis Charter Public School was recently ranked the number ONE public high school in Massachusetts?! If that wasn’t great enough, Sturgis is also ranked as the number 8 charter school in the U.S.…… Continue reading Sturgis Charter Public School Ranked #1 High School in MA

Differences Between Private and Public Schools: Montessori, Parochial, Waldorf, Country Day, Charter and Magnet Schools

At Smart Lunches we appreciate diversity, and serve students and staff at many different types of schools. We partner with charter schools, montessori schools, parochial schools, among others. Sometimes it’s tough differentiating between the types of schools. Well we’ve done our research, and below are descriptions on different types of private and public schools. Private

In the Spotlight: Summit Montessori School

Smart Lunches is proud to be partnered with Summit Montessori School! Summit is located in Framingham, MA in a beautiful victorian mansion. The school prides itself on respecting the individual child, and believes that children learn best when they are accountable for their own work. I was lucky enough to spend some time with the…… Continue reading In the Spotlight: Summit Montessori School

Welcome Inly! Top sellers in February

Happy February! As we’re announcing tomorrow, we’re very happy to welcome Inly School as our 100th partner facility. Last week we had our biggest sales day in our history so far, suggesting that this will be a big month of Smart Lunches across all our partner schools. Frequently, families that are new to Smart Lunches ask us…… Continue reading Welcome Inly! Top sellers in February

Masses of Montessorians!

Fun day for some of us Smart Lunchers today — we’ve joined the Montessori Schools of Massachussets’ annual conference at Dean College in Franklin, MA. Tucked among the tables of cool Montessori learning tools — blocks, buttons, tiles and more — we’re seeing lots of our Montessori friends and making new ones as well. I…… Continue reading Masses of Montessorians!