How to Educate Your Kids While Grocery Shopping

  We know what it’s like… grocery shopping. It can be hectic and arduous at times, especially when you bring the kids along. However, grocery shopping can actually be fun when you consider it a valuable opportunity to teach your kids about food and nutrition. By completing your chores and educating your children about food you’re killing two birds…… Continue reading How to Educate Your Kids While Grocery Shopping

Doggone Crazy for Hot Dogs

As summer approaches and the warm air drifts in, grills are lit all across the country. Summertime is hot dog time, but hot dogs have come under recent scruple f or being riddled with unhealthy nitrates. But this doesn't stop the voracious American appetite when it comes to consuming one the country's iconic meals. Over several billion hot dogs will… Continue reading Doggone Crazy for Hot Dogs