Introducing: New Winter Menu Items!

It’s that time of year again! Our chefs have been working hard to come up with even more delicious recipes for your kids.

This winter, Smart Lunches’ menu features 9 new menu options! Plus, we’ve spiced up our mix to include even more everyday variety. We continue to offer 5-7 hot & cold options each day and over 50 options throughout a three week menu cycle.

Kick off 2017 with a bang, and have your kids’ try these new, delicious lunches:

  • 1. Mexican Rice Bowl


    This hearty Mexican dish is made with delicious ground turkey, served over rice and vegetables. Add the sides, cheddar cheese and salsa, for extra flavor!

    2. Warm Turkey Carver Wrap

    This warm turkey wrap is filled with homestyle stuffing and cranberry sauce for a little taste of Thanksgiving, any time of year.

    3. Mac & Cheese w/ Peas & Ham


    Peas and ham make a delicious addition to our classic mac & cheese.

    4. BBQ Pulled Pork Burrito


    Our famous pulled pork is tossed with tangy BBQ sauce, then wrapped inside a whole wheat tortilla for a tasty southern treat!

    5. Pineapple Chicken w/ Rice


    Aloha! Enjoy the sweet and savory mix of pineapple and chicken breast, served over rice and green peppers in this tasty island-inspired lunch.

    6. Bagel w/ Cream Cheese & Jelly


    Even the pickiest of eaters will be satisfied with our whole-wheat bagel: it’s lightly toasted and comes with cream cheese and grape jelly on the side.

    7. Veggie & Bean Burrito



    Calling all burrito lovers! Black beans, rice, vegetables and shredded cheddar cheese combine beautifully in this one, whole wheat tortilla. Served with mild salsa on the side.

    8. Broccoli Mac & Cheese



    Our kid-favorite Mac & Cheese with the added crunch of broccoli! Look out: this creamy, cheesy delight now packs a nutritious punch!

    9. Toasted Ham & Cheese Wrap



    Thinly-sliced ham meets our five-cheese blend, all wrapped in a lightly-toasted whole-wheat tortilla for a new take on a tasty lunch classic.

    Plus, this winter:

    • Clementines are now available as a side choice!
    • Due to popular demand, we’ve added white rice to dishes like Orange Glazed Chicken, Caribbean Pulled Pork w/ Rice, and Chicken Fried Rice.
    • Sunbutter & Jam is now Sunbutter & Jelly.

So, give our new lunches a try this winter. Your little ones might just find a new favorite meal. Happy lunching!

Order now at!
Because our lunches are made fresh every morning, orders must be placed at least two business days in advance of delivery to ensure that our chefs have everything they need to make your children’s lunches extra delicious.




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