21 DIY Last-Minute Costumes

October 31st is an exciting time for kids. They can dress up as whatever they like. They get free candy. What’s better than that? And Halloween is great, except for the fact that parents have been running around, driving kids to school and sports practices, doing chores, cooking dinner, cleaning up after their messes… shall I continue? During all this running around it’s hard to find the time to get a costume together. Now, with four days until Halloween, parents are in a bind.

If Halloween has crept up on you, like it often can for busy parents, don’t worry, you’re not alone. While the Halloween stores might be picked over, it’s not too late to give your little ones a costume they’ll never forget. We’ve compiled 21 last-minute Halloween costume ideas that you can make at home! (…and not to mention, save you money.)

So with four days left until Halloween, Smart Lunches has your back. Give these costumes a try:


1.Scuba Divers 

Black shirt and pants, two 2-Liter soda bottles, and tape. Add goggles, and you’re good to go!












2. Stick Figure

If you have a paper plate, scissors, and electrical tape, the stick figure is a unique and easy one!












3. Little Bandit

Caught stealing cookies out of the cookie jar? Make a mask out of black construction paper, wear a striped shirt, and your little bandit is ready for trick or treating.













4. Ninja Turtle

Use paint, a cooking tray, and felt to turn your little one into their favorite ninja turtle.













5. Artist

Five-year-old or Francisco Goya?  With a draw on mustache, cardboard, and paint, your toddler can be a painting prodigy.


6. Mac & Cheese

Here’s our personal favorite (though we might be a little bias). It might be a little cheesy, but with some yellow paper and blue poster board you can turn your toddler into a tasty treat!











7. Candy Beggar 

Have cardboard, a flannel, and a beanie? This costume is perfect for your little candy lovers.













8. Where’s Waldo?

Who knew Waldo could be this cute? Red stripes, jeans, and fake glasses (you can make out of paper), are all you need to recreate this look.














9. Smarty Pants

Raid dad’s closet or make your own bow tie and suspenders to have your kid be a little genius.











10. Charlie Brown

Nothing like a yellow polo with a black zig zag to create a cartoon classic.












11. Skeleton

Have your little one be Mr. or Ms. Bones, a Halloween classic, with white tape and an all black outfit.













12. LEGOs

Turn your kids into their favorite toy with cardboard, paint and glue!










13. Minions

Make-your-own minions with yellow hoodies, fake glasses, and overalls.











14. Frozen’s Olaf

Forgot to get a costume this year? Let it go! Recreate Olaf by cutting out snowman features out of felt and pasting them on an all white outfit.













15. Grapes

We love this healthy snack costume! Blow up purple or green balloons and pin them to your kid’s clothes.












16. Smart Cookie

The only C’s she got in school were Chocolate Chips! Make two cookies out of brown paper and/or cardboard. Use string to tie the two together, add glasses and a graduation cap, and viola! You have a smart cookie.













17. Esmerelda

Out of Esmerelda costumes at the store? Make your own! Blue, pink, purple fabric, and pins are all you need to recreate this Disney princess.










18. Morton Salt Girl

This costume is clever and easy for your little girls. Yellow dress, white tights, and an umbrella bring this salt icon to life!



19. Director

And cut! Have your kid be the next James Cameron by making your own megaphone. Have your kid wear a bow tie and beret to complete the look.














20. Rosie the Riveter

You can’t go wrong with all denim and a red bandana to create this cute, patriotic classic.

















21. Mad Scientist

Little Einstein wears a plaid shirt, bow tie, lab coat and goggles! Quick, cute, and easy.












We hope these DIY costumes sparked some inspiration! Visit www.smartlunches.com to treat your little one to a special lunch on Halloween day!




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