Menu Week 101

We’re excited to announce that Menu Week is back!

Every day next week, starting Monday, October 24th through Friday October 28th Smart Lunches is providing your kids with the opportunity to help us choose new menu items. Each day we will provide one or two new options on our menu. Then, on the day your meal is delivered, we’ll ask you to provide feedback— let us know how your kids liked it. It’s a fun way for your kids to sample new lunches and have a voice in our menu creation!


Why Are We Having A Menu Week?

The simple answer is, your opinions matter! We pride ourselves in delivering healthy, delicious lunches that kids love. Part of that is keeping our menu fresh by adding new items periodically. By allowing your kids to sample the items beforehand and providing us with feedback, we will be better prepared to tailor our menu to their liking… or better yet loving.


How To Participate:

It’s easy! Simply go online to and order your lunches for next week as normal. You will notice that there are added specials in the options for next week. These items will be asterisked and the images will say “Menu Week Special Item” across it in purple. Read the descriptions if you like, select the specials, and proceed as usual.

On the day of, after your lunch has been delivered,  we will send a quick survey to your email. Simply provide your feedback, let us know how your child liked it, and that’s it! Yours and your child’s opinions will be considered as we create our new menu.


What Are We Serving?

Mexican Rice

Monday, October 24 | Mexican Rice Bowl

This hearty Mexican dish is made with delicious ground turkey, served over brown rice and vegetables. Add the sides, cheddar cheese and salsa, for extra flavor!


Tuesday, October 25 | Chicken Teriyaki Wrap

Warm chicken breast, brown rice, and vegetables, infused with a sweet and savory Teriyaki sauce, all wrapped a toasty, whole wheat tortilla.

Bean Burrito

Wednesday, October 26 | Bean & Veggie Burrito

Calling all burrito lovers! Refried beans, brown rice, vegetables and shredded cheddar cheese combine beautifully in this one, whole wheat tortilla. Served with mild salsa on the side.

Chicken And Pineapple With Curry

Wednesday, October 26 | Pineapple Chicken w/ Rice

Aloha! Enjoy the sweet and savory mix of pineapple and chicken breast, served over brown rice and green peppers in this tasty island-inspired lunch.

Chicken Salad Wrap

Thursday, October 27 | Chicken Salad Wrap

Lightly dressed chicken salad is paired with crispy romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and celery for the perfect feel-good wrap of the season.

Broccoli Mac and Cheese

Friday, October 28 | Broccoli Mac & Cheese

Our kid-favorite Mac & Cheese with the added crunch of broccoli! Look out: this creamy, cheesy delight now packs a nutritious punch!

Order for Menu Week now only at!

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