Why Smart Lunches Gets an A+ in Food Safety

As parents are sending their kids back to school these next few weeks, one of the items on the annual shopping list is a lunch box. While you might be inclined to pick out any cute lunch box in store, it is important to ask yourself if the chosen product will actually keep your kids’ lunches safe.

Safe? Yes, safe.

When parents pack lunches for their kids in the morning, these lunches typically sit without refrigeration or heat for hours. This can cause lunches to enter temperature danger zones (in between 40 and 140 degrees) where harmful bacteria can begin to grow. A good rule of thumb is that food generally should not stay room temperature for over two hours.

Some ways to ensure food safety are to invest in good ice packs that keep cold lunches cold, thermoses to keep hot lunches hot, and a lunch box that is easy to clean with soap and water.

Another way to ensure food safety is to order Smart Lunches. Smart Lunches’ online lunch ordering service provides hot and cold lunches that are packed with care and are guaranteed to arrive at the proper and safe temperatures. We ensure this by taking the temperature right when they are packed, and then again when they arrive at your child’s school right before lunch.

We maintain safe temperatures by using thermal-retaining or cold-retaining packaging. The lunches are then transported in totes that are scientifically designed to maintain the proper temperatures.


So, why worry? Ordering Smart Lunches will provide your kids with the tasty, nutritious, lunches they love, and parents with the assurance they need for their child’s health.

For more tips and information on school lunch safety, visit Texomas.com or FoodSafety.gov.

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