5 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for the Olympics!

With the Olympic opening ceremony taking place Friday, it’s time to embrace the magic of the Olympic Games. Only taking place every four years, the games are a time in which the world is temporarily distracted from its problems and united in the celebration of the world’s best athletes.

The anticipation for the 2016 Rio Games games is huge, and most fans have already chosen their favorite athletes to look out for. Communities look forward to getting together to watch the games and it’s amazing to think that hundreds of miles away, many others are doing the same.

This universal feeling of excitement is incredible, and it’s something to make your kids feel a part of. Not to mention, these athletes are wonderful role models for your little ones, especially if your kids are aspirational athletes themselves.

So, we’ve compiled 5 ideas you could use to get your kids excited for the 2016 Olympics. Take a look!

1.Host Your Own Olympic Games 

Grab your kids, friends, and neighbors, and host your very own backyard Olympic Games. There’s no better way to get the kids up and moving like setting up fun outdoor activities. Equip your olympics with obstacle courses, bean bag tosses, water balloon throws, and more! Here are some ideas:

Pool Noodle Javelin Throw and Obstacle Course

Tape your pool noodles into circles and combine them to create a target to aim for. Stick the noodles into stakes so the structure can stand vertically. Then, have your kids use noodles, frisbees, or soccer balls to shoot them into the target.

You could also place the structure on the ground to make a speed-stepping obstacle course!

For more ideas and instructions go to Parents.com.


Hitting the Target!

Try some DIY target hitting games! Find plastic plates, print out points, and place the numbers on the plates on the ground. Have your kids toss bean bags onto the plates and get them to work together to add up points.

Take the game to your driveway or col-de-sac by drawing targets in chalk. Toss wet sponges into the circles. Tally up the points at the end to find a winner!

For more on the bean bag toss, see ModgepodgeRocksBlog.

For more on the sponge toss, see MamasLikeMe.


Kids Olympic Podium

Stack some crates on top of each other and cover with a sheet to create your very own Olympic podium. Celebrate your kids’ successes throughout the day and take pictures commemorating the events. Just make sure you give everyone a chance at the top to avoid tears! See ApartmentTherapy.



2. Get Artsy with Olympic-Themed Crafts

Olympic Crowns

Create Olympic crowns with your kids with just green construction paper, glue, paper plates, and scissors!

Cut out the center of the paper plate as shown in the picture. Then, cut the construction paper into long strips and fold them into zig zags. Draw small leaves on the folded paper, and cut it out to make many leaves at once! Then, glue the leaves onto the cut paper plate to create a full crown of leaves for your little ones. GreatAuntAdmin.



Create Tea Light Olympic Torches

Create Olympic Torches with your kids using a toilet paper tube, tissue paper, flameless tea light, orange cupcake liners, gold paint/brush, scissors, and glue.

Start by painting the toilet paper tube gold. After it dries, glue the cup cake liner on top. Cut the tissue paper into 5 in squares, wrap the bottoms around the tea light, and glue. Then, glue the tissue paper and tea light into the cup cake liner. You now have a functioning Olympic torch and a fun craft for the kids.

For more on the Tea Light Torches see OhMyCreative.



3. Add Some Bling with DIY Olympic Metals

Edible Oreo Cookie Metals

To make your own Olympic Metal Snack, buy a pack of vanilla Oreos and fruit rollups. Separate the two halves of the Oreo and fashion a laniard out of the fruit rollup, enclosing the two ends inside the Oreo. Serve and enjoy! See MessyJofu



Fruit Loop Gold Metal Necklace

Another take on an Olympic Metal for your toddler is to make one out of string, Fruit Loops, and a plastic gold metal (available at any craft or party store). Take the string and lace Fruit Loops on half of it. Insert the metal onto the string, and then fill the other half of the necklace with more fruit loops. It’s easy as pie, and your little one will love it!

See Sister Suitcase Blog.



4. Make Some Tasty Olympic Treats

Olympic Ring Cookies

The Olympic Rings are the symbol of the games. They symbolize the 5 Continents competing in the games: The Americas (seen as one) are red, Africa – black, Europe – blue, Asia – yellow, and Oceania – green. Teach your kids the meaning behind the different colors and create a tasty snack at the same time! Find the Recipe at The Decorated Cookie.


Olympic Pool Cake

Your kids will love this Olympic Swimming cake. Use candy necklaces to create lanes. Make Olympic swimmers out of pretzels and Skittles! Find the full recipe at CandiQuickBlog.



5.Get Crafty with Chalk

Have your kids doing amazing Olympic tricks by drawing it with chalk! Put your son on gymnastic ring, or have your daughter upside down on a balance beam. The kids will love it and the photos will be great!






After your kids experience a little bit of the Olympics for themselves, they’ll be that much more excited to snuggle up on the couch and watch the real thing with family and friends. So grab your little ones and your homemade gold metals, and tune in to the Rio Olympics! After all, it only happens every 4 years.

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