Kids Who Blog

There is no doubt kids are growing up in a different world than the one we grew up in. We played with toys and action figures; they play with interactive games on tablets and computers. We listened to cassette tapes and CDs; they tune in to their iPods. It’s only natural then that instead of using diaries to write down their thoughts, they take to the computer… in the form of blogging.

That’s right, kids have blogs too! While some parents may be timid about the idea of their children blogging, it can be a fun way to motivate kids to write— and you can help! Developing an online presence as a kid is a great way to start developing skills in this internet-dominant era.

Here are 5 fantastic kid (or kid/parent duo) bloggers we love:

1. The Adventures of Super Tom


First, The Adventures of Super Tom! This blog is by a seven-year-old boy named Tom. Tom started the blog to practice spelling, and talk about his life/interests. Because Tom is not yet skilled with the computer, he dictates his posts aloud while his mom types. He posts about toys, movies, and fun day-to-day activities!

2. Never Seconds


Never Seconds is one of our favorites here at Smart Lunches. It was started by Martha,  a young girl in Scotland, to talk about the poor quality of her school meals and the importance of providing meals that energize kids to learn. Overnight Martha’s blog become widely popular and a large debate began about the quality of school food.

Additionally, Martha partnered with a charity called Mary’s Meals and she helps raise money to provide meals for school children in Malawi, Africa.

Now people send Martha photos of their lunches from all around the world, and she posts them on her blog!

Keep it up Martha!

3. Eljae


Eljae blog is written by is a mother and daughter duo! 13 year old El from the UK has teamed up with mom, Jae, to write about anything from movie review to funny memes. El who likes movies, history, and reading, started the blog as something fun to do in her free time.

Due to popularity, El was feautured in First News children’s newspaper and nominated for several blogger awards.

4. The Brilliant Chef


The brains behind The Brilliant Chef is a 6-year-old named Daniel.

“Well, I wanted to become a chef because when I was young I mixed cake mixture and I got so good at it that I wanted to keep on doing cheffing.”

Daniel’s dream is to become a professional chef, open a restaurant called The Brilliant Chef, and invent new recipes! He started the blog to post recipes and activities he attends as an aspiring cook.

5. The Fab Fun Food Club


The Fab Fun Food Club was started by Luca (age 9) and his mom to help encourage kids to try new foods! “After all, if you’d never tried ice cream, you wouldn’t know how much you like it would you!?” The mother son duo post adventurous recipes and inform readers about the ingredients (what they are/where they came from) so kids will become more courageous when it comes to new foods.

Luca was invited to be a judge on the show Munchbox after they discovered his blog!


So, if you’re looking for an activity to take up with your kids, give blogging a try! There are many platforms to choose from. If you’re a teacher, look into With Kidblog, you can set up safe, easy, and authentic, blog accounts for your entire class. Then, parents can log in to view their child’s posts!

The internet has made it possible for anyone to have a voice, no matter how young. It’s great for kids to feel like they’re being heard.  With a blog, kids can write about anything their mind imagines. It’s the experience that counts!

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