An FYI on Smart Lunches’ Recall Policy

Smart Lunches takes great pride in delivering fresh, tasty, and nutritious lunches to kids in DC, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. We love our lunchers and want to assure parents that their kids are in great hands!

To ensure this, we stay ahead of hazards that might occur in the food industry. Such hazards include recalls. Although rare, cases of recall can be alarming. At Smart Lunches, we take the safety of our lunchers very seriously, and have set up processes in the rare occurrence that a recall affects one of our products.

When Smart Lunches receives news of a recall that might affect our products, we implement these actions before lunchtime the following day:

  1. Identify which of our catering partners stock the recalled product and have them pull it from the shelves.
  2. Pinpoint the date range the recalled product was sent out.
  3. Notify the families who are affected by the recall.
  4. Provide a viable substitute to replace the recalled product.
  5. Call our liaisons at the locations where the recalled product was sent.

By implementing these actions as soon as possible, parents may rest assured that kids who may have ordered the products will not be served any that have been affected.

Smart Lunches’ first and most important commitment is to the safety of your community. We will always strive to ensure that the products we serve are safe, and we will take firm and immediate action as soon as we learn otherwise.

If you would like to discuss our recall procedures directly, we welcome the chance to speak with you. Call  us at 888-25-SMART or email is at any time.

The Smart Lunches team thanks you for your trust and your business!

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