Smart Lunches Launches in Atlanta

Smart Lunches is thrilled to announce that we’re officially launching in Atlanta this week! Atlanta joins Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and DC as our fifth major metro area.

Smart Lunches already serves thousands of lunches each weekday. Dozens of elementary and middle schools, childcare centers, and summer day camps have partnered with Smart Lunches as an alternative to an onsite lunch service or bringing in fast food. Parents access the award-winning ordering platform to purchase hot or cold lunches, which are delivered daily to their child right before lunchtime. Carefully vetted and trained local caterers prepare meals fresh daily. Students and staff alike enjoy choosing from 5-7 meal options every day; parents appreciate the value of time saved by not packing lunches themselves and knowing their child is receiving a fresh, hot, nourishing lunch.

“We’re thrilled to be launching in the Atlanta area. Several schools have already expressed interest in partnering with Smart Lunches in the fall, and we’re expanding quickly in the region,” said Smart Lunches CEO David Morris. It’s free for schools to participate, and Smart Lunches gives a percentage of every sale back to the school.

Heading up Smart Lunches in the Atlanta area is Catalina Parra, Regional Manager. “Catalina’s background in client services makes her a terrific leader in helping local schools understand and leverage the Smart Lunches program,” said Morris.

The very first meal served in the Atlanta region? A healthy version of a takeout classic: Orange Glazed Chicken.

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