What is Menu Week, Anyway?

We’re excited to announce that our first-ever Menu Week is coming May 18-22! It’s a great chance for you and your luncher to have a say in the Smart Lunches’ menu development process. We’ve added 7 new lunches to sample for one week only! If your luncher tries a new lunch and you let us know how it went over, we’ll take $2 off your next order.

Why Are Having A Menu Week?

We think it’s important for every Smart Lunches family to give us feedback on the lunches they received. What they liked about food, what they didn’t like about it. Previously, we’ve conducted focus groups with kids at schools we actually serve to collect food feedback before we add a new option to our menu.

This time, we’re conducting the survey on a larger scale! We want to know what all of our families think about potential new lunch options before we add them to our menu for Fall. It’s the chance for your family to really have some input. If overwhelming numbers of lunches love the French Toast, for instance, we’ll probably end up adding it to our menu in the fall, and making it available often.

What Are You Serving? 

Great question! We’ve added seven new options to our menu during the week of May 18-22, based on customer feedback and suggestions.


French Toast w/ Cinnamon Apples

Monday, May 18

It’s breakfast for lunch! Texas-style French toast is served with tasty cinnamon apples on the side.


Baked Potato Bar 

Tuesday, May 19

This baked russet potato is served with all the fixings. Customize your own hot, healthy lunch!


Chef’s Salad

Tuesday, May 19

Crisp romaine lettuce, with cucumbers, carrots, and a hard boiled egg, served with roasted chicken on the side.


Fish Sticks & Cole Slaw

Wednesday, May 20

Kids love fish sticks! Ours are made of crispy baked pollock, and served with a side of creamy-crunchy cole slaw.


Egg & Cheese Wrap

Thursday, May 21

It’s breakfast for lunch! Hot scrambled eggs combine with cheese in a soft, whole-wheat tortilla.


Snacks for Lunch

Thursday, May 21

Some of our favorite snacks combined for a fun, healthy, and hearty alternative to a traditional lunch.


American Chop Suey

Friday, May 22

A hot school lunch classic, ours is made with lean ground turkey, pasta, tomatoes, and fresh onions & garlic.

Order for Menu Week now! Visit smartlunches.com.

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