Smart Lunches Celebrates Our 300th Partner: The Cove School

We’re excited to announce that Smart Lunches is delivering lunches to our 300th partner: The Cove School! The Cove School is a private, K-12 day school located in Northbrook, Illinois. The mission of The Cove School is to “provide highly individualized education and life strategies for children with learning disabilities. Cove recognizes the urgent and unique challenges faced by families and works to meet those challenges for each child, every day. The Cove program offers the best opportunity for children with learning disabilities to experience academic, social and personal success.”

For more than 65 years, The Cove School has served a diverse community, and has helped children with learning disabilities develop the skills and self-confidence required to successfully transition to community schools or post-secondary education. Currently, The Cove School has approximately 150 students that travel from all over the Chicagoland area.

We spoke with Beth Pickus, our fantastic liaison at The Cove School, to find out a little more about why they chose Smart Lunches as their lunch provider.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Beth Pickus and I am an Administrative Assistant in the front office. One of my responsibilities is our food service program. I have been at The Cove School for 5 years. My favorite parts of my job are the students at our school and my fellow staff members.

What solution were you using before Smart Lunches?

We do have a small lunchroom without a kitchen, so we are limited to bringing prepared food in for the students. In the past, we were ordering from a local fast food restaurant that is not very healthy.

How did you choose Smart Lunches as your school’s lunch provider?

Smart Lunches contacted our school from a referral from another local private school with a similar population. The features that stood out for our needs were; healthy options, multiple choices, individually packed lunches that are easily distributed and families ordering from Smart Lunches directly.

What do you think is the most important feature of Smart Lunches for Cove parents?

I think the most important feature for our families the number of healthy choices they have each day to choose from.

What’s the most popular Smart Lunches meal?

The most popular Smart Lunches meal at Cove is the baked chicken tenders with potatoes.

Learn more about The Cove School here.

Thanks to Beth, The Cove School, and all 300 of our partner locations for helping us make nourishing school lunches easy!

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