Crop Circle Kitchen Partners with Smart Lunches

Smart Lunches is excited to announce that we have partnered with a brand new catering partner for some of our Boston-area schools. Our new local caterer, Crop Circle Kitchen, shares our commitment to providing lunchers high-quality, nourishing meals every day.

All about Crop Circle Kitchen

Crop Circle Kitchen has two locations, the original Jamaica Plain kitchen, and in Dorchester, a brand new facility which opened in September 2014. Meals from Smart Lunches are delivered from the Dorchester location. This location has been dubbed CCK Pearl in recognition of its previous tenant, the Bornstein & Pearl Meat Factory. It was completely overhauled, and refitted with state-of-the-art equipment, including advanced ovens and huge skillets.

Much of CCK’s space is actually used as a culinary incubator. They provide a shared use, commercial kitchen for food businesses that don’t have access to the necessary facilities. Smart Lunches and CCK Pearl use the commissary kitchen, staffed by experienced CCK employees who have been trained with our recipes.

Check out the Boston Globe’s article on Crop Circle Kitchen, and Boston Magazine’s behind-the-scenes look.

ServSafe certification

Crop Circle Kitchen also provides ServSafe certification to the public, which helps them learn about food safety regulations and standards, how to keep food safe, proper cleaning and sanitizing, and more. Smart Lunches prepares all lunches in ServSafe-certified kitchens.

Learn more about Crop Circle Kitchen here!

We hope your family loves Crop Circle Kitchen as much as we do! Write to us at, and we’ll be happy to let you know which caterer serves your school!

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