Smart Ways to go Back to School

A blog post by our health coach, Beth Waisburd.

And…we’re back! Alarm clocks, homework, after-school activities and, of course, lunchboxes. We start the year with the best intentions. But very quickly, our resolve weakens. How do we pack a healthy lunch our kids will eat? There is no easy answer but here is some food for thought:

  1. Stop the process. Set a goal to steer clear of processed foods. Think whole grain breads, unprocessed cheeses, beans and nuts. Chose fresh fruits & veggies which come wrapped in their own natural package.
  2. Change it up. Kids get bored easily. Find out what your child likes and look for a healthier version. If they like yogurt, create your own with plain yogurt, fresh berries and a touch of honey. If they like chips & dip, consider hummus and whole grain pita chips.
  3. Keep it sweet and simple. For better or worse, most kids expect something sweet in their box. Though we should teach the message that sweets are the exception not the rule, we can make healthier choices. Dried fruits, homemade granola bars or a small piece of dark chocolate can rival the processed packaged sweets in the boxes of their peers.
  4. Skip the juice box. Our kids are thirsty. But nothing will quench that thirst better than water. Let them chose a fun water bottle and save some money at the grocery store. It’s a win-win!!
  5. Plan ahead. Make a plan on the weekend to combat the hectic pace of the school week. Cut the veggies, wash the fruit, boil some eggs and store it all in the fridge. If healthy choices are available, you’re more likely to reach for them.

And…if the craziness of the school year starts to overwhelm, give yourself a break!! Check out Smart Lunches! We’ll deliver a fresh lunch your kid will eat.

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