Links We’re Loving

Rain or shine, a Monday morning like this one sometimes calls for a little inspiration from around the web. Here at the Smart Lunches offices, we’ve cozied up with mugs of coffee and tea to share a few of our favorite links from the past few days:

“So, how was your day?” can get a bit redundant, which is why we love the creative conversation starters used by this blogger to get her children talking at dinner.

Speaking of “So, how was your day”….So, how was your day?

Have you heard of this new cookbook? It’s stocked with stories, recipes, and gorgeous photographs– we want to read it cover to cover.

41 Sneaky Ways to Eat More Vegetables

We can’t stop reading the various features from “Motherhood Around The World“. Germany, China, England, India, Norway…an amazing series that shows how “motherhood” can be defined across the globe.

The New York Times writes of a new generational trend nicknamed “farm to counter” cooking, where “Fast Food Seeks a Virtuous Side” through healthier, more sustainable meal options. What do you think?

Stovetop Granola–no baking required! Sprinkled over applesauce, folded into frozen yogurt, or eaten straight from the pan, we’re starting to crave this recipe again and again.

Happy Monday! Let us know if you have any interesting links to share!

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