Making Memories in Massachusetts!

Are you looking for fun ways to keep your kids entertained this summer? Rain or shine, Massachusetts has a wide variety of daily kid friendly activities. From parks to restaurants, to pirate museums to arboretums, read below for some great places to visit and memories to spend with your kids!


Great Brook Farm State Park: Walk or bike through the scenic trails of Great Brook Farm followed by a refreshing ice cream from their stand located at the top of the hill. You and your kids can visit the farm animals right next door by putting a quarter or two into a machine and getting a hand full of feed to give to the goats. If you’re going to make a day of it, be sure to pack a lunch and set up camp at one of the picnic tables by the pond located near the entrance. Parking is available.



Charles River Reservation: This linear park stretched along the banks of the Charles River for about 20 miles. By no means are we asking you to tackle all 20 of them! The lower half of the River Reservation, which begins in downtown Boston, includes the Esplanade on the Boston side. Walk along the riverbanks and observe the beautiful campuses of MIT, Boston University and Harvard. The Upper Charles River Reservation begins at Watertown Square and trickles to Riverdale Park located in West Roxbury.Charles_River_Trail

Arnold Arboretum: Offers one of the most scenic picnic locations in all of Massachusetts. Walk around the abundant variety of plants, trees, flowers and enjoy time with the family both in the shade and sun of Harvard University’s campus! Free guided tours are available some week days and almost all weekends.



On a Rainy Day visit the Whyduh Pirate Museum on Cape Cod: This museum features a pirate ship that wrecked against the Cape Cod shoreline back in 1717. At the museum you can find the world’s only pirate treasure along side other artifacts such as cannons, firearms, and more!



Durgin Park– Located in historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace this restaurant offers seafood, salads, pastas, chicken fingers and many other kid friendly options while providing a fun dining experience and atmosphere!


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