Happy Father’s Day!

In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, we want this post to give center stage to our father figures. This week, we gathered together at the Smart Lunches offices to talk about some of our favorite Dad moments, from mealtime traditions to Father’s Day memories. We’d love to hear from you as well–what are your best Dad memories?

Julia: My dad is happiest when he’s out on the water—he comes from a big family of sailors and fisherman. When my siblings and I were younger, my dad would take us out on my grandpa’s lobster boat to pull lobster traps or visit his favorite (secret) beach for clam digging. Sometimes all we found was a trap full of spider crabs or seaweed, but if we were lucky we could gather enough clams and lobsters for lunch at my grandpa’s house. Whatever we brought back to shore was cooked up by my grandma in huge pots of boiling water and eaten with a saucepan of melted butter close by. Any leftovers were piled into hot dog buns and eaten on the beach for dinner. We would spend all day enjoying a meal that we gathered and cooked ourselves.


Stephanie: It always makes me smile to see my dad get excited about the tomatoes in our garden. I am glad I will be home in New York this Father’s Day Weekend to spend some quality time with my dad. Rock on, Dad!


Lindsey: My dad is infamous for his breakfasts. He makes the best ham and cheese omelets and, on special occasions, a turkey, sausage, and cheese stratta that is my absolute favorite. When we go up to Maine for vacations or during the summer time, he can always be found in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone. He is also an amazing grill master. His favorites are rib eye steaks and grilled lettuce and other vegetables. We definitely don’t go hungry in the Verrill household.


Caitlin: My dad would spend his summers taking me and my sister on hikes or walks through the woods behind our house. Most nights when he’d get home from work we’d go on our daily walks, and we’d venture off to the White Mountains on the weekends. My favorite memories as a child include hiking our way through The Basin in Franconia Notch. These hikes were full of laughter, conversation, pictures, playing in the water, picnics, and ice cream as a special treat at the end of hot days.

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