Countdown to Camp Season

countdown-to-summerBy Caitlin Culver

With the end of the school year in sight, we’re sure many students and teachers are counting down the days until the summer fun begins. Here at Smart Lunches HQ, we are starting our own countdown – to camp season! Some of our partnered camps begin on June 9th, only 18 days away.

Other than providing delicious meals to campers all over Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and the greater Philadelphia area, here are a few reasons why we are excited about camp season:

1.) Campers find life-long friends and build relationship that cross many geographical and social borders.

2.) The camp experience gives everyone a chance to unplug from technology and reconnect with nature. With the long New England winters, spending a lot of time in the fresh air during the summer is just what kids need.

3.) Almost everyone can find a camp that they will enjoy! From sports to cooking to Girl Scout and Boy Scout to outdoor adventures, there are hundreds of camps that provide a variety of activities and interest so that every child can have fun.

4.) Camp helps kids grow confidence and self-esteem. Through teamwork activities and dedicated staff members, many campers leave at the end of the summer feeling better about themselves. This helps set the foundation for a positive attitude and self-confidence.

Our countdown continues as May wraps up and ordering opens for camps. Click here to see if we are coming to your camp this year and sign up today! If your camp isn’t listed but is interested in having Smart Lunches this summer, have them drop us a line at 1-888-25-SMART(76278).


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