May Flowers


Blog post by Beth Waisburd, our health coach.

We have all heard it before – “April showers bring May flowers.” Thankfully, May has arrived bringing blooming buds of all shapes and sizes. And while we can all agree that May flowers are beautiful to the eye, some may not realize that many are pleasurable for our palates as well.

Edible flowers have been used in cooking for centuries. They adorn wedding cakes and garnish dinner plates. But edible flowers can be part of everyday cooking. They have a unique taste – some are spicy and herbaceous, while others taste floral and sweet. They add a bit of whimsy to our more ordinary rotation of recipes. If you think your kids won’t eat them – try ‘em! It’s fun to eat a flower! And, it may even encourage them to eat more of a dish they were hesitant to try in the past.

All that said, there are a few things about eating flowers you should know:

1.)   Not all flowers are edible and some may be poisonous. Only certain parts of the flower are edible. Eat flowers that you know to be edible and consult a reference book on edible plants before trying anything new.

2.)   Eat flowers that you grow in your garden or plants you are certain have not been treated with pesticides or chemicals. Planting edible flowers in your vegetable garden will not only assure their safety, but also will attract many types of beneficial insects to all your plants.

3.)   If you chose to purchase flowers, look for the edible varieties in the produce section of your supermarket (not the flower section.) Your local farmer’s market also may be a valuable resource for information and purchase.

So don’t just get out there and SMELL the roses – EAT the roses too! And yes, believe it or not, roses are edible! Click here for a list of edible flowers.


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