What will the Smart Lunches Pilot Program bring to your school?

2012-09 school open house table

Interested in bringing Smart Lunches to your school or camp but don’t know what to expect from our program? You are not alone. That is why we love to bring pilot programs to all of our locations so that students, families and staff can try out our program! Here is what you can look forward to during our pilot programs:

  • Tastings! Who doesn’t love trying out new foods before you make a selection? We love to bring food samples to events at your school or camp like open houses, parent-teacher conference days, or during drop off and pick up times. Tastings are a great way to check out our menu and for both you and your children to try our food before placing an order. There is always a member of our Smart Lunches team at the tastings to walk you through signing up and to answer all of your questions.
  • We’ll give you all of the information you need on how to sign up and place your order. Not to worry, ordering is simple and made easy for all.
  • Full ordering access for 4 or 6 weeks! You can try out all of our menu items throughout the pilot and rate your favorites.
  • Absolutely no commitment required!  You have complete control throughout the entire pilot program and can change an order or cancel a meal up to 2 days before the meal.
  • We offer last minute meals for the night before. This comes in very handy if life gets a little too busy or something comes up last minute. You can simply put in an order the night before and not have to worry about it the next morning.
  • Having any questions about our food or program before, during, or after the pilot program? Give us a call at 1-888-257-6278! We love hearing from families, schools, and camps and are more than happy to answer any questions you have!


If you are interested in bringing Smart Lunches to your school or camp and want to start a pilot program, please give us a call (1-888-257-6278) or send us a note at info@smartlunches.com.

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