Getting Involved


Ahh Mondays!

With the warmer weather approaching it seems as if the weekends are flying by even faster and before we know it, Monday is here! Monday’s come with fresh starts and a whole week worth of opportunities ahead.

I recently came across a perfect opportunity to turn this once dreaded day into a perfect start to a family focused week. Have you heard of the “The Kids Cook Monday” campaign? The whole idea around “The Kids Cook Monday” is to get children involved in the kitchen by cooking, trying new foods, and making time for both parents and kids to start the week off on a healthy, interactive foot.

When kids become more engaged with preparing dinner, they become more adventurous and try new fruits, veggies, and other food combinations. Looking for more ways to get your kids involved with food? Here are a few that are fun and easy ideas to try:

  • Take a cooking class for kids – Not only will they be able to create their own dishes, most classes include health and safety aspects to teach kids about proper nutrition and techniques for some kitchen fun.

  • Grow a garden – Whether it’s a tomato plant on the front porch or a whole lawn full of colorful produce, kids love getting their hands dirty and will become more invested in foods they grow and harvest.

  • Turn fruit and veggies into kabobs – With summer on the mind, kabobs are a perfect way for kids to help make dinner. They can be made with almost any food that your child enjoys and are easy to assemble.

What are some of your favorite ways to get your kids involved in cooking? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook, or comment below!


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