Crock-Pot Cooking


Blog post by Beth Waisburd, our health coach.

The groundhog saw his shadow – we all know what that means. As the season drags on, it’s challenging to maintain the healthful intentions we set in January. Though we know home cooking is healthier than eating out, it’s often overwhelming in the context of a busy work week. The key is to keep it simple. With that in mind – reach deep in your cabinet and dust off your crock pot. Here are some benefits of slow cooking that you may have forgotten:

  1. Versatility. From soups and stews to breakfasts and desserts, your crock pot can handle it all and make it taste delicious. Think oatmeal, apple crisp and vegetarian stews – the crock pot isn’t just for meat.

  1. Slow and steady. Most dishes benefit from low, slow heat. You can throw it all in the pot in the morning and walk in the door to a completed meal at days’ end. Most crock pots will switch to a “warm” setting when cooking is complete, so your meal will wait for you.

  1. Save your dollars. The slow cooker has a way of making even the cheaper cuts of meat taste delicious. And, because the slow cooker infuses a meaty flavor throughout the entire dish, you can use less meat and bulk up on healthy veggies.

  1. Hot and healthy.  Because slow cookers have a seal that keeps moisture from evaporating, there is no need for added oils or high fat meats.  Your recipes will stay flavorful and moist. The slow cooker also works great on hearty vegetables, beans and many grains.

  1. One pot to clean. Need I say more?!

So, let Smart Lunches take care of lunch, and make room on your counter for the crockpot and get cooking! Here are some of our favorite slow cooker recipes:

Barbecue Chicken

Chickpeas in Curried Coconut Broth  

Cinnamon Apples


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