Blog post by Beth Waisburd, our health coach.

It’s winter. And while we’re excited to be seeing white outside, many white foods are not good for our insides. Whether it’s white flour, white bread or white sugar – we know to say “no.”  But all white foods are not created equal and some can even add color to our healthy lifestyle. Here are some whites to fill up on:

Cauliflower – Packed with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin K, this vegetable protects our cardiovascular system by decreasing inflammation. It’s also loaded with vitamin C, an antioxidant which helps to support and repair every tissue in our body.

Egg Whites – We all know that they are high in protein and low in cholesterol, but they also are loaded with many essential vitamins and minerals.  In particular, egg whites contain riboflavin (vitamin B2) and selenium which protect our cells from damage and are essential for cell growth.

Cottage cheese – 1 cup of cottage cheese contains close to 20% of our daily requirements of calcium and almost 50% of our daily requirements of phosphorous. These two minerals are the building blocks of our bones. And cottage cheese is a “complete protein” which means it provides our cells with the amino acids they need to make new proteins in our body.

White beans – Cannellini, Great Northern or Navy – so many to choose and so many health benefits. With a low glycemic index yet high in fiber, white beans keep us feeling full and stabilize our blood sugar.

At Smart Lunches we want our lunchers to eat the rainbow but that includes the healthy whites. From mozzarella cheese on our Caprese sandwich to sliced turkey on our Veggie Turkey wrap, take your pick and enjoy!


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