2013 in Review

We’ve been so busy at the Smart Lunches headquarters that it’s hard to believe that 2013 has come to a close!


2013  started off as our second full year in operation, providing our partnered schools with a healthy alternative to the traditional school lunch. We reached a milestone in January when we formed partnerships with 100 schools, and continued to partner with new schools up until the very end of the 2012-2013 school year.

In April, we welcomed our wonderful new culinary director, Steve, who continued improvements in meals and catering operations. We then introduced our very own ordering system, that we like to call Doris. Doris offers all of our lovely Smart Lunch families an easier ordering experience, complete with allergy filtering and better menu browsing. In May,  the new ordering system won us an MITX award for Best eCommerce Innovation of 2013. At the start of the summer season, we officially switched over to this new ordering system for all camps and daycares in operation during the summer months.

Following our successful 2013 summer season, we expanded our program to serve schools in new areas. In August, we started service in Philadelphia and extended our local services to Cape Cod. And then in November, we started serving schools throughout Southern New Hampshire! As 2013 comes to a close, we are currently relieving nearly 4,000 families of lunch packing duties.

In September, at the start of the 2013-2014 school year, our goal was to make sure that all of our families enjoyed a positive experience with us. We expanded our menu, substantially lowered our pricing, introduced new portion standards (larger sizes for older students/staff), and began offering a meal plan option for busy families.  The team at Smart Lunches worked hard to ensure that all of our lunchers were totally satisfied, through our new company motto of TLS (total luncher satisfaction). We get it right, and you and your luncher love it, or you don’t pay. Period. There was also a strong expansion of Smart Snax, our vending service (Thanks, Dave!).

2013 was a successful year for Smart Lunches, as we saw more schools, more families and improved quality. As we start off 2014, our number one goal is to better serve our lunchers. We aim to do this by improving our menus, meals, ordering experience and service. We also plan to expand our program to new areas, so that more families have the option of healthy, delicious lunches for their children.

It’s hard to believe all that we have accomplished over the past year. We’ve set out goals high for 2014 and aim to become better as we grow! What were your big accomplishments of 2013?

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