Differences Between Private and Public Schools: Montessori, Parochial, Waldorf, Country Day, Charter and Magnet Schools

At Smart Lunches we appreciate diversity, and serve students and staff at many different types of schools. We partner with charter schools, montessori schools, parochial schools, among others. Sometimes it’s tough differentiating between the types of schools. Well we’ve done our research, and below are descriptions on different types of private and public schools.

Private Schools

Montessori Schools- Learning and discovery are key at Montessori schools. The learning tends to be led by the student’s curiosity, and encouraged by teachers. A montessori school helps maximize each individual student’s potential, which will ideally lead to a positive life for the student.

Parochial Schools- Parochial schools are affiliated with a religious group, and thus their education includes religious studies along with more traditional subjects (math, science, language, etc.). Self-discipline and respect are important in parochial schools, and religious values are enforced.

Waldorf Schools- Waldorf Education is an alternative form of education based on three broad stages of child development. The early years of education focus on creative play, the elementary years focus on artistic expression and analytical understanding, while the secondary years focus on critical understanding, creativity and judgement on what is true.

Country Day Schools- Country Day schools offer rigorous academics in an atmosphere that aims at building strong characters. These schools closely resemble boarding schools, but students go home to their families at the end of the school day. Country Day schools offer a balance between school-time and family-time.

We partner with lists of amazing private schools! Some examples include Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori School, St. Paul’s Choir School, Cape Ann Waldorf,  and Gladwyne Montesori School.

Public Schools

Charter Schools- charter schools are publicly owned independent schools. These schools encourage teachers to be innovative in teaching and students to be creative in their learning. Charter schools offer traditional academics, but may focus on a specific theme. For example, one charter school may focus on the performing or visual arts, while another school may focus on STEM education.

Magnet Schools- these schools are highly selective public schools that offer competitive academics. Magnet schools may be specialized in a certain subject matter, and the admission process generally includes a rigorous testing and application process.

We partner with some awesome public schools! Some examples are River Valley Charter School and Sturgis Charter Public School. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, just send us an email to Support@SmartLunches.com for more details!



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