Have You Tried Sunbutter?

Due to the recent rise in peanut allergies, many schools have become nut-free zones. Smart Lunches wants to ensure that the children who attend these schools, along with children with peanut allergies, can enjoy our meals. That is why Smart Lunches has an entirely peanut-free and tree nut-free menu!

What about PB+J you say, have no fear, SUNBUTTER is here! Sunbutter is a peanut butter alternative that is taking the lunch room by storm. Sunbutter is shockingly similar in taste and texture to brand name peanut butter. However, Sunbutter is made out of sunflower seeds and is 100% tree nut-free and peanut-free! And if that’s not awesome enough, it comes with some great health benefits as well. Sunbutter is a protein and vitamin e packed product. It also has more iron, more fiber, and one-third less saturated fat than traditional peanut butter! Sunbutter and Jelly is one of our top-selling lunches. Order your child one today!

Have you tried Sunbutter? What did you and your child think? Will your family be making the switch? Let us know!



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