In the Spotlight: Summit Montessori School

Smart Lunches is proud to be partnered with Summit Montessori School! Summit is located in Framingham, MA in a beautiful victorian mansion. The school prides itself on respecting the individual child, and believes that children learn best when they are accountable for their own work.

Blog Photo Summit

I was lucky enough to spend some time with the families, teachers and students at Summit this week at an evening book fair. I was given a warm welcome by students playing in their pajamas, and engaged parents who sat and chatted with one another. It became clear to me that the students were supported yet challenged. I observed an atmosphere of happiness, as the children played with each other and let their creativity run free.  It also didn’t hurt that the young ones looked adorable in their pajamas, footsies and all. 

A lot of the time I find parents rush in and rush out of school or community events. But, I did not experience that here. At Summit, I found a community of parents, students and educators who truly enjoyed each others company.  They were not together because they had to be, but rather because they chose to be. This is an important, but hard to find, base for any successful community.

Summit Montessori is one of a kind. It is refreshing to see a community of creative learners, dedicated educators and supportive parents.   A big thank you goes out to Summit Montessori for having us this week! Smart Lunches is so lucky to offer our lunches to the wonderful families at Summit!



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