One Less Step in Meal Prep


For most families, a lot of time and effort goes into prepping healthy meals for the week.  This isn’t just for dinner either, as snacks, breakfast and lunch need our attention! In fact, a study conducted by the USDA found that the average amount of time spent grocery shopping is 44 minutes. 54% of Americans prepped food every day, spending slightly over an hour on food prep each day.  And because of all the hard-working, dedicated mom’s in the world, it’s no surprise that women spent more time on food prep than men.

If you grocery shop once per week and prep your families meals every day, then you may be spending 8 or more hours per week on meal prep alone! That precious time could be dedicated to helping your kids with homework, seeing a movie, going to the gym or just relaxing with a good book. We want to keep your grocery shopping and food prep time down to a minimum! So, here are our some of suggestions:

  • Help your kids become your own little chefs by teaching them how to meal prep!  Show them how to measure the cooking oil or how to use a mixer. Soon they’ll be prepping on their own and won’t need your help.
  • Make a list of meals for the week. Go grocery shopping for the meals on the weekend (no extra stops at the market on weeknights!), and prep all of the ingredients on Sunday night. That’s only one cutting board and knife you have to wash. Pull out the ingredients when you’re ready and cook away!
  • Want one less meal to prep for? Smart Lunches has this taken care of. Make your kids lunch orders online and we’ll deliver the meal during lunch period. Our service was made to save time for hard-working parents! The best part? We’ll make sure you’re kids gets the nutrition that they need… we take food kids like and make it healthy. Visit our website for more details!

What do you do to keep meal prep time down to a minimum? Any Smart Lunch families out there want to let us know what you do with the time saved from not packing lunches?


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