Our newest TLA: T L S

TLS stampAround Smart Lunches Global HQ, I’m known for my fondness for TLAs — Three-Letter Acronyms. A couple TLAs that we talk about here are LOU — Lunch on Us, the free meals we offer when starting up at a new school — and LML — Last Minute Lunch, the select menu when you need a meal the night before.

Over the summer we birthed a new acronym, and I think it’s going to be our most important one yet: T L S.

It stands for TOTAL LUNCHER SATISFACTION, and it’s our no-gotcha guarantee for anyone ordering anything from us. It’s pretty simple:

We get it right, and you and your luncher love it, or you don’t pay. Period.

Our service is unique, so we know you’ve never tried anything like it before. Aren’t sure if your luncher is going to like something? Order it and see! It’s on us if it wasn’t successful. Just email, hit the new chat button on our website, or call — we’ll take care of it right away.

We want you to feel very comfortable trying things and letting us know what you think. Go, TLS!

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