Hello, Philadelphia!

rocky-statue-philadelphia-600We don’t know if It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but the Smart Lunches team is very excited to be on the cusp of bringing our award-winning lunch service to the greater Philadelphia area. Here are a few questions we’ve had that we thought would be easy to answer here for everyone:

Q. Why Philadelphia? 

A. The region is home to more than 900 schools, daycare centers, and day camps that don’t have the resources to provide lunch on-site. That’s twice as big as our home Boston market… but we’re up to the challenge! (Besides, our Chief Lunch Lady is a Pennsylvania native, so she might have a slight bias…)

Q. How are you doing it? 

A. Just the same as we do it in New England: Tasty, nutritious, kid-tested food, made by vetted, high-quality catering professionals, and delivered daily by our own friendly delivery ambassadors. Our first catering partner in Philadelphia is storied Drexelbrook Catering, regularly honored for their outstanding food and service.

Q. When does it start?

A. We’ve been hard at work since May. Our first meals will be delivered starting September 3rd. At the moment we’re already committed to serving a dozen schools. See a few here. We’re finalizing our fall delivery routes, so there’s still time to jump in — but you need to move fast!

Q. How can we get involved?

A. Just talk with our wonderful new team member, Danielle Lodge, who’s heading up our Philadelphia office. She can tell you all about the launching schools already on board, plus the fun extra benefits to teaming up with us if your school is a member of PAISBOA.

Q. Are you going to serve Philly cheese steaks?

A. Not yet — but we look forward to adapting our menus to Philly appetites just as we’ve continued to craft our Boston area menus. Let us know what you’d like to eat, and how we can help make Smart Lunches the premier independent school lunch program, just as we have in Boston!

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