A Balanced Lunch Helps A Bunch!

A well-balanced and nutritious lunch gives your child the energy and brainpower he or she needs to be productive for the rest of the day. A typical cafeteria lunch that includes a high amount of fat and sugar can leave your kid sluggish and may cause him or her to crash before the day is over. Here at Smart Lunches, one of our main goals is to not only combat child obesity, but also improve the students’ academic performance by way of brain food.

Here are some of our best menu items that will ignite your kids’ brainpower:

1) Sunbutter, Banana, and Jam Wrap – Our sunbutter derives from sunflower seeds which contain a lot of protein, vitamin E, and brain-charging minerals like magnesium. The bananas offer potassium and glucose that translates to energy, causing your child to feel more alert right away. SPB&J

2) Roasted Veggie and Hummus Wrap – This yummy wrap contains red bell peppers, a generous source of Vitamin C which helps the body feel less fatigued and improves cognitive function. As a sterling compliment to the red peppers, Hummus packs a punch with its high protein and plentiful dose of Vitamin C. hummuswrap

3) Turkey Sandwich and Salad Combo – Lean cuts of meat like this turkey contains lots of iron, B-vitamins and protein that will improve your child’s intellectual endurance throughout the day. The green, leafy vegetables in this salad also contain high amounts of iron that will fight the common health issue of iron deficiency. This deficiency can cause foggy thinking as well as other cognitive problems. turkeycombo

Order fresh and fueling meals for your kids for months at a time at smartlunches.com!

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