Meet Doris — our new team member!

Doris blog cropWe have a wonderful team at Smart Lunches; maybe you’ve chatted with some of us on the phone, on our chat line (new!) or through email. One team member I’m sure you haven’t talked with, however, is Doris.

That’s what we call our new ordering system. We built it ourselves to create the amazing lunch ordering experience parents have been telling us they want, and we went live with it in June for our summer camps and our daycare centers. Some of its unique features:

  • Allergy filtering: We share your concern about ensuring your child only gets meals that respect his or her allergies. If you turn on the filtering option and share your luncher’s allergies, we’ll screen out anything on the menu that doesn’t suit. Easy!
  • Different schools for different lunchers: We know your kids go to different schools. Now you can select their school, camp, or daycare from within your account.
  • Better menu browsing: We have lots of choices every day — but we want to keep it simple to see what they are. You can scroll down through the day’s options (see above, left) and drill down into details for the options that look yummiest.

We were very excited in June to win an innovation award for our work. What’s more exciting is that we have many more Doris features queued up for the back-to-school season. So stay tuned!

Meanwhile: if you were ordering from us prior to June, you’ll need to create a new account to resume ordering for the fall. We apologize for any inconvenience from this changeover, and we’ll email you some simple instructions very soon.

(“Doris” is just an informal nick-name we use in the office; we borrowed it from the lunch lady in The Simpsons. Fortunately it doesn’t like this…)

Let us know what you think!

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