Smart Lunches Team Attends Family Night on the Prado


The interns of the Smart Lunches team hit the streets last week to promote and inform families of the North End of our alternative school lunch service. It was a night filled with fantastic music, art, and history as the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) hosted Family Night on the Prado, a free family affair that took place at the Paul Revere Mall off Hanover Street on Thursday, July 18th.  Parents and their children had plenty of activities to participate in and an array of food to eat including the fresh apples and bananas that Smart Lunches joyfully handed out.

The highlight of the street festival was the concert that NEMPAC put on featuring the Dudamel Brass Band, a group of kids and their instructor playing “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder with trumpets and trombones, and the Watertown Children’s Theatre voice students, a priceless team of giggling children that caused the entire audience to giggle themselves. The concert concluded with the NEMPAC students on stage, showcasing their impressive musical talents on guitar, drums, etc.

Additionally, the North End Historical Society had a photo puzzle for kids to work together and complete along with their offering of traditional chocolate from the 1800s, a soupy mixture served in Dixie cups that had a dark yet sweet taste. There was also an exciting painting event where a renowned local artist lit up a grand piano with vivacious spray paint and encouraged the kids and their families to pitch in. Lastly, a group of energetic elementary-school girls were providing relief from the summer heat with a very ambitious lemonade stand.

Smart Lunches fit right in at the event as a cluster of parents came over with smiles on their faces to learn more about our online lunch delivery service. The first annual Family Night on the Prado hosted by NEMPAC was an instant success with the families of Boston and they are confident that this entertaining event will continue for many years to come.

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