Having A Smart Memorial Day BBQ


As memorial day quickly approaches, people all across the country strive and plan for one of the greatest barbecues of the season: Memorial Day. Certain towns and districts take this festivity a lot more serious than others, but one thing is for sure: people have quite the arsenal at their disposal when it comes to barbecues.  Between all the different cuts of meats and different seasoning and prep styles, we at Smart Lunches would like to provide a few suggestions to help make planning your event both healthy, smart and enjoyable for all.

When considering what’s at your disposal, most people have the option of beef, poultry, pork, or even a combination  That being said, there are certain ways one can go about preparing these dishes to make them a little smarter/healthier. People who go all out will probably make their own sauces or spice blends to which we would simply suggest easing up on the amount applied. Seasonings are key for barbecue and grilling flavor and are way healthier than eating something slathered in sauce. If the sauce is store-bought, be mindful of how much is put on your food, and if making it from scratch, be mindful of certain ingredients. Try using less sugar (or an organic raw type) and lower sodium count soy sauces or Worcestershire sauces. Instead of ketchup, try A healthier tomato paste. Also, if it’s going on a bun, there’s always a wholegrain or healthier option than the classic white bread.

Another key component to epic Memorial Day barbecues are the side dishes that go along with the grill. In this case we highly recommend grilling a lot of fruit and vegetables and getting creative. Simple grilled peppers and onions can easily by cut up with a little meat and thrown on a skewer that offers the same great barbecue taste on a healthy kebab. Grill fruit such as pineapple or strawberries or both for an exotic grilled fruit salad. Instead of opting for potato and cream heavy side dishes, grill corn, zucchini, eggplant and other vegetables for a healthier compliment. Healthier pasta salads can be made with fresh cut tomatoes and veggies with simple oil and vinegar dressings. There are so many ways to be smarter around the grilling season while still being able to enjoy the same classic flavors. Here’s one individuals strategy for a healthy barbecue.

No matter where you are this Memorial Day, you can now be mindful of your choices and the options available to you around the grill. If you’re just along for the ride and none of the preparation is in you control, just be aware of what’s going on your plate, and be sure to eat some vegetables. Above all else Smart Lunches wishes you the very best for this Memorial Day and hope everyone is spending some quality time with the family. Light the grills, get the seasonings going, and don’t forget to cut the watermelon.

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