Welcome Inly! Top sellers in February

inlyHappy February! As we’re announcing tomorrow, we’re very happy to welcome Inly School as our 100th partner facility. Last week we had our biggest sales day in our history so far, suggesting that this will be a big month of Smart Lunches across all our partner schools.

Frequently, families that are new to Smart Lunches ask us what’s most popular. Here are the top sellers so far at Inly among the Smart Lunchers who’ve signed up with us so far:

  1. Our yummy Applegate organic hot dog, with our fresh fruit and veggie sides of the day
  2. Our tasty oven-baked chicken fingers, which come in two sizes, with our fresh fruit and veggie sides of the day
  3. The crunchy Greek salad
  4. Belly-warming chicken noodle soup, again in two sizes
  5. Fudge Crackle Cookies — a nice chewy treat that’s not a calorie bomb, and a big best-seller since its addition to our menus last month

We’ve recently been able let parents and staff ordering lunches to also ‘order up’ a donation for the school at the same time. Just as you can add a donation to appropriate non-profits at your grocery store and other checkout times, at Inly and other Smart Lunches partners, you can add $1 or $5 to your order which we’ll convey directly to the school on your behalf. Inly families are already ordering this “Give Back” menu option along with our lunches. Maybe this will crack the top 10 most popular items on the Smart Lunches list for the month!

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