Kosher is kool!

kosher-foodsHere’s the short story: we’re now offering a completely kosher menu — how cool is that?!

The slightly longer version is that… if you know anything about kosher meal preparation, you know it’s not a trivial undertaking. So we’re very proud, in just our first year of operation, that we’ve launched our first partner school with a kosher menu.

And because taste, in the end, matters too, we’re excited that with our catering partner the offerings aren’t just certified, they’re also delicious. Black bean and cheese burrito with chips and salsa!  Sesame noodles with tofu and broccoli! Tuna salad wrap! I could go on… but it’s making me hungry.

Want to know more? Get in touch. We’re eager to bring these tasty, affordable solutions to more lunchers who’ve wanted this option. Thanks for your patience!

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