Masses of Montessorians!

indexFun day for some of us Smart Lunchers today — we’ve joined the Montessori Schools of Massachussets‘ annual conference at Dean College in Franklin, MA. Tucked among the tables of cool Montessori learning tools — blocks, buttons, tiles and more — we’re seeing lots of our Montessori friends and making new ones as well.

I can’t say I could have predicted our tremendous success in bringing our service to Montessori schools in particular, but today, we’re so proud to say that within our exploding partner network in the state there are 13 Montessori organizations!  Just scanning the association’s board of directors, we can count three of them as partners, with one more coming online in just a few weeks’ time.

What’s the affinity between Montessori and Smart Lunches? Learning a bit more today about Montessori methods, we see that it’s certainly our care for nutrition (which makes educators and parents happy) and our low-hassle approach for the schools. But maybe for the children, our broad meal choices and total lack of constraints around schedules, contracts, etc. match up with the Montessori emphasis on independence and discovery.

… or maybe it’s just because our lunches taste so good! Have to keep an eye on our samples here today or they’d be walking off with the conference attendees.

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