Greener meals for our downtown lunch partners

TNT deliveries in Paris

Happy New Year! This week marks another important new pilot program at Smart Lunches — the introduction of cargo bike delivery services for some of our partner facilities around downtown Boston.

Cargo bikes are in use in many cities in Europe; they’re very efficient ways of transporting small goods around busy city streets. On a recent visit to Paris I spotted this one from TNT (a UPS type service).

Metro Pedal Power's cargo bike in action!
Metro Pedal Power’s cargo bike in action!

Here in Boston, we’re partnering with Metro Pedal Power to trial the use of their riders and cargo bikes for 5 of our downtown lunch partner facilities. It’s good for the planet, it’s fun, and it’s nice to support another local startup. If things work well, as we think they will, we’ll expand cargo bike deliveries to include more of our centers easily reached by cargo bike.

One shout-out — thanks to Jeff Barry at Boston Organics for telling us about how their cargo bike service works for them.

Pedal to the metal for Smart Lunches!

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