High schoolers are hungry!

When we first started this enterprise in 2011, our focus was providing a convenient way for parents to provide tasty, healthy meals for their pre-school to middle-school-aged children. Interest in our service exploded, and we’ve been loving the rapid expansion in meeting those appetites (literally).

Before we knew it, a number of high schools began asking to be added to our partner network — terrific educational options that provide smaller more intimate settings for older students. Of course they have different tastes, and much bigger appetites!

This week we launched our first high-school-specific menus, for the month of January. What’s different?

  • New salads: Southwestern-style taco salad (vegetarian) and a chicken-topped Caesar will appear in January
  • New taste-test winners: A tasty new manicotti, a fun pizza wrap, and a delicious fudgy cookie dessert option that isn’t a calorie bomb
  • Changed-up pastas: We renovated our Primo Pasta category, adding a cheese ravioli option, and changing our mac-and-cheese offerings to three: a) a classic baked mac-and-cheese (“homestyle”), b) a whole-wheat mac-and-cheese (plain), and c) a veggie mac-and-cheese

But most importantly, we’ve adjusted portion sizes for the hungry students at these high schools, part of the learnings from expanding our original preK-Grade 8 program. Our regular entrees/combos are going from an 8-ounce portion to 12 ounces, and our large options are increasing in size from 12 to 16 ounces. Portion sides of our fresh crunchy sides of the day will increase similarly.

We’re very mindful of not over-serving students — we are part of the nation’s obesity solution — but we’re happy to be able to better feed adolescent appetites!

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