January menus are ready — please welcome the “dog-off” winner!

The "dog-off" winner!
The “dog-off” winner!

We’ve just completed some intense work on our menus for January — pretty complicated stuff, since we offer so many choices every day, and we customize menus for our schools to give everyone the best set of choices. But it’s lots of fun, too.  We always start by looking carefully at what’s been ordered and what’s been less popular. Then we work to incorporate all the feedback we get from parents and kids alike. And, of course, we think about what’s most tasty to eat this time of year.

We’re really happy when we find solutions for our lunches that are really smart — so that kids and parents alike can be happy with the options we provide. Good news to share today in that department: hot dogs are appearing on our menus for most schools next month! We’ve found a tasty, organic, and completely nitrate-free all-beef dog that’s affordable and readily available to our food providers.

We added it to our plan after a Smart Lunches tasting party last month, attended by families from partner schools in and west of Boston. We served up some head-to-head contests and asked each guest, for each pair of contenders, which one deserved to be added to the menus for January. The beef dog beat out another healthy hot dog choice, so we’re excited to see how everyone else likes it!

It’ll be served on a whole-grain bun with mustard and ketchup on the side, and of course the two sides of the day. You’ll find it in our Kid Classics category.

And there are tasting party winners coming next month too!

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