Quick Tips: A Healthier Lifestyle For Kids

It is often a struggle for parents to keep their kids healthy and active while getting through chaotic days.  Here are a few quick tips that will encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle for your children!  

Drink More WaterEncouraging your kids to drink more water will not only keep them hydrated throughout the day, but it also leads to a healthier lifestyle.  Drinking lots of water is good for the digestive system, helps flush out toxins and increases energy levels throughout the day.  Add some fresh fruit to the bottom of the glass or water bottle before serving it to your child.  It gives the water a slight flavor and once they finish the glass they can eat the fruit on the bottom.  Blueberries, raspberries and oranges are great options, but any type of fruit works great!  Also try adding fun shaped ice cubes.  There are lots of brands out there that make shaped ice cube trays, a lot of which include shapes suitable and fun for children.

Edible Markers:  These are great!  When baking or making dinner, have your kids help out and they can write all over their food and then enjoy their meals with their own artwork.  If you are struggling to get your children to eat whole grain breads have them draw on it first!  Cut sandwiches and other dinner options in fun shapes to make it even more enjoyable to color all over and then of course eat! 

Raise Money for a Charity Walk:  Encouraging kids to become involved in charity work is always a plus, and combining it with a healthy lifestyle is even better.  Explore and do some research with your children to find a charity that interests them.  Then sign them up to raise money and participate in a walk for that charity.  They can even prepare for the walk beforehand by taking weekly walks and setting donation goals.  Giving your kids something to work for gets them motivated and they will get in some good exercise along the way! 

Walk The Dog: About 40% of U.S families own a dog and we can bet a lot of those families got a dog after being convinced by their children.  Set up a routine to encourage your kids to walk the dog including a small allowance or a reward.  Teach your dog new tricks, like how to fetch and roll over, and your kids will get a bit of activity in as well.  If you do not own dog, find a neighborhood dog that your kids can walk.  This will encourage responsibility as well as promote more activity in your child’s day. 

Next Birthday Party Plans:  Plan an active birthday party theme for your kid’s next party.  Have a pool party in the summer or even indoor pool in the wintertime.  Organize lots of active games and contests to keep the kids active while still enjoying themselves in the pool throughout the day.  The classic tradition of having a piñata is always fun for kids and has an active element.  A scavenger hunt will keep kids active and promotes teamwork.  Providing a list of things for the kids to do around the house or a local park makes for an easy and exciting birthday party.  Set up an obstacle course in the backyard with items you have in the house and break up the party into two teams.  This is fun, easy and the kids will love the competitive edge! 

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