Ann Cooper’s TED Talk: Reinventing the school lunch

In this insightful TED talk, Chef Ann Cooper discusses the importance of healthy school lunches and the growing dietary problems of our nation’s youth.  Dubbed the “Renegade Lunch Lady”, Ann Cooper has dedicated more than a decade of her life to raising awareness about the need for sustainable and nutritious meals in our nation’s schools.  Citing a rapid growth in the onset of childhood diabetes and other diet related issues, Cooper targets unhealthy food served in schools around the country as a key source of this growing epidemic.  Without a dedicated effort by administrators, teachers, and parents this alarming trend is doomed to continue.

Here at Smart Lunches we are working to break the current mold set by cafeterias nationwide and develop healthy and delicious meals for kids.  The fun, easy, and affordable products that we offer aim to get kids back to eating food that is good for them.  With the help of the Smart Lunches team, you and your children can get back to focusing on what really counts, school…

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